Art Festival in Bad Ragaz and Vaduz

Every three years, Bad Ragaz hosts one of the largest international sculpture exhibitions. This renowned art event takes place for the 7th time.

Celebrating New Year Appenzell Style

Who are these scary men walking from door to door in funky costumes? They dance, yodel and shake hands with almost everyone in the village. Welcome to Appenzell! This is how they celebrate the New Year.

End of Summer Traditions

When the leafs start turning it is time to bring down the cows from their summer meadows in the mountains.

Snowshoe Trails in Switzerland

Snowshoeing is a wonderful way to explore the mountains in winter. Compared to the sometimes very busy ski slopes, the snowshoe trails are rather quiet.

Summer Hiking Fun with Kids

If you are not the modern athlete racing up mountains to collect peeks, but still you like to spend your time outdoors. Let’s say you are also not in physical top form and you travel with young children, but you are just looking for a pleasant afternoon in the mountains, then Hoch Ybrig is a destination you should take a closer look at.

Shop till you drop at the Swiss Outlet Village in Landquart

To be honest, shopping in Switzerland is not always fun. Depending where you come from prices in Swiss boutiques and shops will simply knock you off your socks. By the way,  locals often feel the same, if that makes you feel better. Switzerland is and always has been a high-price country. However, when early 2015…

Driver’s Seat: Climbing Klausenpass by car

Mama loves to drive. Oh yes, I do! I am always up for a road trip. Especially when it offers fun to drive and lots of stunning view points along the way. Taking our little Mazda convertible out to tackle the mountains on a great day ranks pretty high on my weekend favorites. Luckily, I…

A fun afternoon at the Artisan Glass Factory on Lake Lucerne

This is one of the excursions that I like to do when we have families visiting us in Switzerland. It is not expensive and offers a nice experience for visitors of all ages. The glass factory is called “Glasi Hergiswil” and is located directly along the main street of the small Hergiswil village. It is…

Nude Hiking. Is this a new trend? Really?

Today, I will share a rather funny story instead of providing you with a true must-not-miss Switzerland travel tip. Or maybe you think differently? I don’t know. I leave that up to you. Recently, we visited the town of Appenzell during one of our weekend road trips. The Kanton (province) of Appenzell and the town…