Zopf – The traditional Swiss breakfast bread

In Switzerland, you can find more than 200 different kinds of bread.  However, for a perfect Sunday morning breakfast a loaf of Zopf is a must. It is a white yeasted loaf which has a bit of a crust but is spongy and soft inside. Try it out yourself with our Swiss family recipe. The…

Whisky Trekking in Switzerland

Switzerland is not necessarily known for its whisky. But that’s wrong. Locher, one of the local Appenzell beer breweries, started making whisky back in 1999. Today, Locher sells six different types of Säntis malt. And they came up with a brilliant idea: The Whisky Trek around the Appenzell Alps.

Original Swiss Cheese Fondue Receipe

Cheese Lovers listen up! Here comes an original Swiss Cheese fondue receipe. I will explain what kind of equipment you will need, what to shop – including alternative suggestions – and how to prepare the cheese fondue.   The most important piece of equipment that you will need is the pan. In Switzerland we use ceramic pans…

The perfect Saturday lunch in Zurich

Yesterday, was on of those Saturdays. We had no real plans, so we decided to run a few errands and to shop for the latest and greatest fashion that had arrived in shops downtown. I am usually not a big shopper but occasionally I really enjoy it. Yesterday I was in the mood for it….