Art Festival in Bad Ragaz and Vaduz

Every three years, Bad Ragaz hosts one of the largest international sculpture exhibitions. This renowned art event takes place for the 7th time.

Celebrating New Year Appenzell Style

Who are these scary men walking from door to door in funky costumes? They dance, yodel and shake hands with almost everyone in the village. Welcome to Appenzell! This is how they celebrate the New Year.

End of Summer Traditions

When the leafs start turning it is time to bring down the cows from their summer meadows in the mountains.

Annie Leibovitz Exhibition in Zurich

The exhibition is called Women: New Portraits. Since 1999, Annie Leibovitz and Susan Sontag worked on a collection of pictures that show strong women from all over the world. Zurich is the last stop on the world tour, which started about a year ago and spanned 10 cities around the globe. The location – EWZ…

Zopf – The traditional Swiss breakfast bread

In Switzerland, you can find more than 200 different kinds of bread.  However, for a perfect Sunday morning breakfast a loaf of Zopf is a must. It is a white yeasted loaf which has a bit of a crust but is spongy and soft inside. Try it out yourself with our Swiss family recipe. The…

Finding Heidi

Heidi is probably the most popular Swiss girl ever.  If you want to find out what’s behind the story of the happy orphan girl who wins over everyone’s heart, you will need to visit two places in Switzerland: Hirzel in Kanton Zurich and Maienfeld in Kanton Graubuenden. Heidi was translated into more than 50 languages…