Shop till you drop at the Swiss Outlet Village in Landquart


To be honest, shopping in Switzerland is not always fun. Depending where you come from prices in Swiss boutiques and shops will simply knock you off your socks. By the way,  locals often feel the same, if that makes you feel better. Switzerland is and always has been a high-price country. However, when early 2015 the Swiss Franc all of a sudden got a boost, prices increased even further. The price gap to the neighbouring countries grew considerably. That’s why every Saturday, a caravan of cars is driving towards Germany, France or Italy to shop until the shelves are empty – and I am not exaggerating. To be honest, many items just cost half the price.

Well, if you don’t feel like joining the caravan of shopping love you may be interested in visiting one of the few Swiss shopping outlets. The one that’s closest to our place is the Outlet Village Landquart. It is about an hour drive from Zurich, direction Chur. Prices cannot compare to any of the U.S. outlets, but I find them reasonable. Every now and then they run promotion weeks like “Super Sale” and then you get really good deals. It is worth checking their website to see, if and when promotions are planned.

The Landquart outlet is set up like an alpine village with a main street and lots of chalets that house the shops. All in all there are about 90 shops plus a few restaurants.

Here are the facts you need to know:

How to get there?
By car: It is located right at the Autobahn. So access is quick and easy. There are two large parkings at either side of the complex.

By train: The train station Landquart is right at the entrance of the Outlet Village. It cannot be more convenient. Landquart is a busy train station, so there should be good connections no matter which direction you come from. Be aware of the incentive. If you buy goods for 50 CHF or more they sponsor the return train ticket.

What to buy?
Fashion: Everything from mid-range  to premium brands.
Sports gear: Really good choice of sports and outdoor/hiking clothes.
Kids: limited choice, not worth going to shop for kids stuff only
Household: lots of good stuff from well-known brands, including typical Swiss brands

Opening hours: daily from 10 am to 7 pm –  Yes, daily means every day including Sunday!

Prices: roughly 30-50% off the regular Swiss retail price. During Super Sale in many shops another 50% on the outlet price





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  1. sula362 says:

    Wow, did not know about this


    1. It is a nice Sunday trip.

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