Fine Dining in Adelboden

Do you plan to visit Adelboden? Do you like good food? Then, I have a recommendation for you. During our recent visit we were introduced to the restaurant “Hohliebe-Stübli”. It is located slightly out of town, but by car or taxi you will get there in about 10 minutes from the center of Adelboden.

The old chalet was carefully renovated and decorated. It is traditional but at the same time modern and cosy. At first sight, you feel that the owners do their utmost to make you feel at home. They clearly run their business with  a lot of passion and enthusiasm.


In order to provide the best possible quality, there is only one menu available per day and that’s a surprise. Every day, the chef buys the best – mostly local – seasonal ingredients. With a lot of passion and creativity he prepares the most amazing dishes, which are truly full of surprises and delights.

Upon arrival, you will take the aperitiv outside.  While enjoying the drinks and taking in the stunning views we were served two appetizers.

The first one was a kind of cold cucumber soup with balsamico pearls. The second was graved salmon trout with marinated fennel.

The chef himself presents the menu of the day at each table. It is a hand-written menu card which only gives you the ingredients, but not how it will be prepared.


In order to start the dinner, you will be guided to your table inside the chalet. Here is what we were served last weekend:

Fish with peas, mushroom and soup


Followed by rabbit saltimbocca, cherry tomatoes, marinated mozarella and home-made basil pasta.


The main course was local beef with ratatouille, apricot sauce and rosmary potatoes. The service came around with a second serving, if you wanted more.


In order to make room for more food, a refreshing strawberry vinegar drink was served.


And before desert was served an unusal cheese platter arrived. On the left you see a strawberry ketchup to dip in the mountain cheese next to it. In the middle you see a crème brulée from cream cheese with a stick of fruit bread. Lastly, on the far right is a blue cheese ice cream. The “collection” was served with a glass of sweet white desert wine.


Finally, the desert… There was a strawberry brownie, an apricot cream tartlet, truffels, panacotta, a kind of Hugo jelly cake and mint ice cream.


Mama mia, that was a lot of food – but creative, tasty and prepared with a lot of love for cooking.

If this looks good to you, your mouth is already watering and you start planning how the hack you can get to Adelboden, make sure you call before to make a reservation. The restaurant has capacity for only 30 something guests.

In summer they are open from Tuesday to Saturday as of 11 am. If you are a larger group, they may also open for you on another day.


Restaurant Hohliebestübli
Hohliebeweg 17
3715 Adelboden

Phone: +41-33 673 10 69






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  1. Heddi says:

    Such an interesting line-up of dishes! Thanks for sharing your review. Looks great!


    1. Oh, it was sooo good. If you are in that area you need to try it.

      Liked by 1 person

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