A fun afternoon at the Artisan Glass Factory on Lake Lucerne

This is one of the excursions that I like to do when we have families visiting us in Switzerland. It is not expensive and offers a nice experience for visitors of all ages.

The glass factory is called “Glasi Hergiswil” and is located directly along the main street of the small Hergiswil village. It is not a big factory producing industrial glass in large quantities. The Glasi Hergiswil is focused on producing unique artisan objects and household glass. You will find their products in almost every department store in Switzerland. They are quite expensive and have a unique style. Apart from glass plates, bowls, etc., the Christmas tree ornaments are particularly popular. I absolutely love them and enjoy hanging them on the tree every year.


Besides the opportunity to buy stuff in the two shops co-located with the factory, you can also tour the facilities. The experience tour is available in different languages. You will learn about glass making and about the history of the Glasi Hergiswill in an entertaining way. You will be guided through different rooms, each equipped with different decorations. Audio and video explain the different topics. It is not the latest and greatest multi-media, interactive kind of tour, but it is well done and worthwhile.

After about 20 minutes you will enter the glass making area. From the platform you see the big oven and the workers blowing glass and producing all the different glass products. This is not a show production, it is the real thing. In that area you can also make your own Christmas tree ornament.

From the production area you move on to an exhibition space where they show historic glass products. In my opinion, this is not very appealing. The next part of the experience is clearly geared towards kids. It is a play area where they can try out different things – such as making music on glass instruments, checking out what a prisma means and – most popular – a glass labyrinth to get lost.


After all that activity, you can rest in the café directly by the lake. There are water plays to keep the kids entertained. These are constructed in a way that they have fun but don’t get soaking wet.



All in all, I think we usually spend between 2 to 3 hours at the Glasi Hergiswil.

Short Facts:

Parking: Sufficient parking around the Glasi.
Make sure you have change to feed the parking meter

Entry ticket: 7,00 CHF for everyone as of 10 years of age
Kids are: free of charge
Glass Labyrinth: 5 CHF extra

Family friendly: Yes, even with young children

Experience tours: start at the main entrance, approx. every 15 minutes

Opening hours: Mon-Fri from 9 am to 6 pm / Sat from 9 am to 4 pm

Glasi Website: www.glasi.ch
Glasi Videos: http://www.glasi.ch/en/experience/video-glasi

More impressions from our recent visit:



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