The perfect Saturday lunch in Zurich

Yesterday, was on of those Saturdays. We had no real plans, so we decided to run a few errands and to shop for the latest and greatest fashion that had arrived in shops downtown. I am usually not a big shopper but occasionally I really enjoy it. Yesterday I was in the mood for it. After two rather exhausting hours of browsing through the department stores on Bahnhofstrasse, we – my husband and I – were both ready for the highlight of the day: Lunch at Brasserie Lipp.

Brasserie Lipp is situated in the city center between Bahnhofstrasse and the river Limmat, opposite the police department. It is a classic French brasserie with traditional French food. It is a fairly large restaurant, but if you want to be certain to get a table make sure you reserve in advance. I love that Brasserie Lipp serves the full menu throughout the day. You decide to have a late lunch at 3 pm? No problem at all. At that time, you may not even need a reservation.

What’s special about Brasserie Lipp? The decor is rather classy,  not modern at all. The place is always busy but very well-managed. And the food? Yes, the food is outstanding and so is the service. Good service is a problem in Zurich. It is not that the service staff in general is unfriendly or even rude. They just don’t make you feel welcome. They simply “maintain” you. They take your order, bring you drinks and food, but you immediately feel that they don’t care if you like it or not. They do their job and that’s it. The concept of good hospitality is widely unknown. This is different at Brasserie Lipp. They care and they make you feel welcome. They spoil you and they entertain you. It’s perfect, you can’t do it any better.

The food is made fresh of the best ingredients. You clearly see and taste that quality has top priority. Yesterday, we ordered shrimp cocktail – with home-made cocktail sauce – and avocado vinaigrette as starters, followed by entrecote with french fries – the very thin ones – and sauerkraut with a variation of sausages and meet. As desert we had praliné mousse, millefeuille cake and coffee. It was simply delicious. If you want to go really fancy you should order the seafood platter.  Some time ago, we had one for dinner and did not regret it, although it is quite expensive – but that is life in Zurich anyway.

To check out the menu and the corresponding prices, please visit the website:


Praliné Mousse






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