Does size really matter?

Today is the perfect day to get spoiled. It’s grey and ugly outside. Let’s go downtown and have some coffee and cake. Our destination for this afternoon is Sprüngli, the traditional and most famous café in Zurich.

Sprüngli is located on the corner of Paradeplatz/Bahnhofstrasse and was founded in 1836. It has been and still is an institution in Zurich. You will need to be patient and often wait a while until a table becomes available. Today, we were lucky and got a nice table by the window right when we arrived. Sprüngli is known for its delicacies, especially sweets, cakes and hot chocolate. Everything is produced from the best ingredients, freshly made by hand every day. Their products do not only taste that part, they also look wonderful. They are fascinating small pieces of art – creative, beautiful and perfect in every sense. In short, cake-eating in Switzerland is a feast for your senses.

In general, the quality of cakes is exceptionally high in Switzerland. Compared to Germany, I find the Swiss cake-culture is very different. In Germany, you can have fantastic cakes such as Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte or Frankfurter Kranz. The average German cake-eater loves large portions and the more cream the better. Artistic expression and attention to detail are – if at all – of secondary importance. Size, taste and cream is what matters the most. I confess, sometimes I feel very German when I compare this tiny, perfect cake on my plate with the corresponding price on the menu. Let’s be honest, these Swiss cakes are perfect and of excellent quality, but they are over-priced. Well, who cares? We only live once and we don’t have cake every day. Let’s enjoy it!

This brings me back to my initial question “Does size really matter?” In the end, I think I prefer quality over quantity. The artistic looks and the intense taste of high quality chocolate or fresh fruits give me the better experience.

Coffee and cake at Sprüngli


If you happen to be in Zurich looking for cakes and sweets, here are my recommendations:

Sprüngli, Paradeplatz

Café Schober, Niederforf

Café Honold, Rennweg

Café Felix, Bellevue

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